You don’t need a dealership for a new car key. We’ll provide the same key at a lower cost and as a mobile car locksmith, we come to you! 

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Car Key Cutting & Programming

You don’t need to go to a dealership for a new car key. We can provide the same key at a lower cost and as a mobile car locksmith, we come to you!

Car Key Cutting and Programming

For Lincoln, Grimsby, Louth, Market Rasen, Skegness, Boston and across North Lincolnshire

Car keys are not what they used to be. For most of us visiting a town centre shop to cut a new ignition key from a standard blank is a thing of the past.

Technology has moved on and since 1995 it’s been a legal requirement that all vehicles have immobiliser systems fitted. That works by having a transponder chip built into the key, the engine only turns if the right code is received from the key. And now every standard car key allows us to remotely enter and lock our vehicles. Wonderful advancements but also something that increases the cost of key replacement.

But a new car key doesn’t have be too costly although it certainly matters who creates it. You can go to a dealership of your car’s manufacturer but it’s almost definitely going to be the expensive option. And what if you don’t have a key to drive your vehicle to the dealership? You’ll have to factor in the cost of transporting your car there just so they understand what key and transponder code is required.

We guarantee to beat the cost of any dealership and as a smaller company we don’t have to charge VAT on top either, instantly saving another 20% on the price.  And where often the dealer also needs to order the key in, which may take days, we can provide your new key there and then! As mobile auto locksmiths and key cutters, we come to you. At your home, or office, in Lincoln, Grimsby, Skegness, Louth, Market Rasen, Boston and across Lincolnshire.

Expertise and Convenience

We have the latest equipment to cut a key for almost all car manufacturers and any age of vehicle. We also code and decode transponders and car immobilisers.

Whether you’ve lost a key and need immediate help or it’s less urgent and you want to schedule a visit, we will come to you with a first-class service and an unbeatable price.

  • Spare Car Keys
  • Car Transponder Programming
  • Lost Car Keys
  • Stolen Car Keys
  • Car Key Repairs

Car Key Cutting Services

Lost/Stolen Keys

Have you lost your car key or had one stolen? It’s a bad situation but worse is the prospect of the key being used to steal your car. Act now to protect your vehicle and your peace of mind. We’ll make a new key and at the same time reprogram your vehicle to forget the old one.

Spare Car Keys

Only having one car key is a risky prospect. What happens if you misplace it? And if you search high and low and still can’t find it, making a key from ‘nothing’ is always more expensive than copying an existing key. Don’t let yourself be caught out, get a spare key now.

Car Key Repair

Car keys are resilient but they aren’t unbreakable. A key blade can snap and plastic can get cracked. The buttons on a remote can fail from overuse too. We can repair your car key or remote and extract a broken key from the ignition, a door or boot if necessary.

Your Best Option For New Car Keys

We’re bound to be cheaper than your main dealership and as a Mobile Car Locksmith we travel to you!

  • Spare Car Keys
  • Transponder Programming
  • Lost Car Keys
  • Stolen Car Keys
  • Car Key Repairs
  • No Call-Out Fee!
  • No VAT!
  • No Weekend Surcharge!
  • Credit Cards Accepted!


Lincoln, Grimsby, Skegness, Boston, Market Rasen, Louth and across North Lincolnshire

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